Blog: Copier Truths, Myths & Outright Lies

Our search for TRUTH in the office equipment industry uncovers a lot of dirt and a few good stories.  As we pursue solutions that are best for our clients, we often discover industry practices that range from being a disadvantage to simply underhanded.  It would be irresponsible of us to not share these findings with unsuspecting office managers and business executives.  Therefore we have created the Copier Truths, Myths & Outright Lies blog. Occasionally we will throw in a positive post about a DSC client and how we’ve responded to their need. 


By Bernie Reagan


Thursday, April 6, 2017 / 10am-3pm

Lunch served 11:30 – 1:30


Maggiano’s @ Kenwood Towne Center
I-71, Montgomery Road Exit

Why #1:

You Are In The Hunt For Office Equipment – Either just getting started, researching options or about ready to make a decision. We can help.

Why #2:

Nothing Beats a Hands-On Experience – Come to the Expo and punch the buttons, ask the tough questions and find out for yourself if you can really print from your smart phone or tablet. You'll be amazed!

Why #3:

It’s lunch at Maggiano’s. – After lunch you can go back to work or browse the many stores at Kenwood Towne Center. Shhhh-We won’t tell! 

RSVP By Friday, March 31 at 513-821-1199 or


Churches, schools, non-profits, municipalities and businesses are welcome.

• General Managers
• Office Managers
• Principals
• Pastors
• Elders
• Trustees
• Superintendents

• Business Managers
• Secretaries
• Executive Directors
• Development Directors
• Department Heads
• Faculty
• Purchasing

• Business Owners
• IT Managers
• CFO's
• City Managers
• County Commissioners
• Office Administrators


1. COLOR PRINTERS up to 150 PPM (pages per minute) as low as 2 cents per color copy

2. COLOR COPIERS with the most innovative business applications that turn complex workflows into simple processes:

  • Document Management
  • Mobile & Cloud
  • Print & Scan
  • Cost Control & Security

3. FINISHING EQUIPMENT including paper folders, folder/inserters and more!

RSVP By Friday, March 31 at 513-821-1199 or

Why Attend the DSC Office Equipment Expo?

  1. You think you might need new equipment and this event will get you started on the hunt
  2. You know you need new equipment but need more research for the best options
  3. You are ready to buy and want to demo the equipment one more time to confirm you decision
  4. Did we mention lunch at Maggiano's?

Decision makers attend these DSC events who want to better understand the value of their purchase and want to see another demonstration. Sometimes that confirms their current path and other times it helps them refine it. "Some decision makers have an attractive offer on the table from one of our competitors. Because they trust us, they want to hear our opinion about the offer" states Bernie Reagan, DSC Office President.

RSVP By FRIDAY, MARCH 31 at 513-821-1199 or